No Amount of Change Can Buy Change

Recently a potential client asked my opinion of a nutritional supplementation line used and promoted by many crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts. I have been approached several times about promoting various lines of products that include proclamations of, “sugar free sources of long lasting energy,” “all natural,” and,”chemical and toxin free,” on their labels. Regardless of the product it is my unrelenting conviction that the crusade for optimal health begins with behavioral changes in how we approach food. There is no product on the market today that forces anyone to make behavioral changes; we have to do that ourselves.

Without burying this post in a diatribe on the, “special ingredients,” that are responsible for selling hope to thousands of people, I can say with great certainty that the results people experience from these products are either short lived (show me the longitudinal studies – there are none), or the effect of embracing better nutrition and exercise habits. So, when we cut through the fat of what these products are promising, we find that real, lasting changes occur because of healthier choices, not because of a product.

The potential client did not like my response. His counter argument was, “Yeah but what about for real people. People who aren’t personal trainers and have to work in an office and have kids and busy lives?” Slightly offended that I don’t come across as a “real person,” my response is this: We all have the same 24 hours in the day. I often work 9+ hour days at various locations without access to proper nutrition. I have to pack a cooler of food to keep with me so that I can survive. The calories I require to teach classes, train clients and transport equipment is is often greater than the “real people,” sitting at a desk, which means I have to prepare even more food. While i have not personally been blessed with children, the time I invest into starting and growing a small business and all that entails (I won’t bore you with the list) absorbs my free time in the same way. When I grew up I ate what my parents made available to me or I didn’t eat. Those who see nothing wrong with poisoning their precious gifts from God (and I mean that sincerely because children truly are) with fast food and other such garbage for the purpose of convenience or pacification may want to re-evaluate some priorities.

Priorities are really what our behavior relating to food is tied to. Meaning, if something is truly important and a priority to you, you will find a way to make it happen, period. No excuses, no victim mentality.

Change is this nebulous area floating around outside our orb of comfort. Change means possible uncertainty, letting go of the fear of failure, faulty footing or low confidence at first. Change means letting go of bad habits and consistently practicing new ones even when it sucks and you don’t want to. Change means altering routine and choosing what is better instead of what is socially acceptable, popular or most convenient. Change means holding yourself accountable, ending the pity party and breaking free of the chains binding you to the spin cycle that has been the past. Change means taking one baby step and focus all intentions on the next step forward.

None of the above paragraph is available in a bottle, pouch, canister, vial, video, box, gym or even with a personal trainer! Yes, that’s right, your personal trainer can’t change you. But, the great, awesome, wonderful news is that YOU can. Yes you can. Everything you need to be the person, have the health and feel and function the way you want to is within you and no one or nothing else. Life is happening right now. What are you waiting for?