SALAD, The breakfast of Champions

Certain foods take on roles within our daily meal structures. Restaurants typically don’t serve steamed cod with grilled asparagus and capers for breakfast, just as old-fashioned oatmeal with a side of greek yogurt is less than likely to appear on the dinner menu. Midday meals fall within the gray area of either or both breakfasty or dinnerish offerings, and IHOP is open 24/7 for those who enjoy punishing their bodies with anything goes.

The idea of eating a large plate or bowl of mixed field greens, raw broccoli and cauliflower pieces, perhaps some baked butternut squash or sweet potato chunks, topped with an egg, slice of bacon, a little chicken and dressed with a tablespoon of hummus or salsa for breakfast is not quite the norm for the average bear. But when we think about the shape of most of our day it totally makes sense. Morning is really the only time of day we are untouched by life. We haven’t had back to back meetings or encounters with annoying co – workers, battled traffic, or experienced any stress. Our schedule hasn’t bulged out forcing us to work through lunch or settle for sub par cafeteria fare, and we have not been drained of our energy and alertness by the requirements of the day. So, doesn’t it make sense that the first, unadulterated time we consume fuel for our bodies we could choose the most nutrient dense, power packed, satiating foods available?

It may take several minutes more than a bowl of nutrient lacking cereal, or an energy depleting granola bar, but consider the benefit of feeling strong, energized, focused and truly healthy throughout your morning at work. The pros outweigh the cons. Oatmeal may give you a dose of carbohydrates for instant energy (which usually is not needed in our sedentary lives) but a bowl of salad greens can strengthen bones, sharpen eyesight, rev up muscles, fight breast cancer, protect your heart, and reduce risk of diabetes. Salad for breakfast, give it a try!


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